Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bio ..

Born in Cullman County ..October 21, 1954 ...Raised in the small
community of Helicon in Winston County , Alabama.on the last plateau of the Appalachian mountains

I Went to school in Addison
.British,Scandinavian,Cherokee,heritage..5'6" 167 ..grey hair, eyes... I was 10 years old when I heard my first Beatle song it was "From me to you "gosh' that sounded great And that is how I got interested in the I played my Dads guitar a while..Dad was pleased that out of his 4 sons least 1 played cousins Terry & Danny helped me a lot.. Hoss Reid helped me a lot with the guitar ..
I was fortunate enough to be taught how to read music from Charlie McCoy ..he was well known as a gospel music writer..had he known i was to play rock & roll he would have never taught me first music lesson was from Ronnie formerly of the Jokers..a local band,and after that 3 of us .. Brent Denson ,Dwight Frazier and I were taught at Blair's school of Cullman..but Mr Blair didnt much care for rock music either but my teacher Tony Willingham didn't care either way .He owns Tony's School of I learned from them also...and how to site read..and I told myself one day hey if you can read this stuff you can write it and so i did..after a few mistakes i learned quickly how to do so..some were impressed ..Saturday's sometimes wasn't complete without visiting the Record rack or eating at the 90 cafe or Busy Bee .I bought musical instruments from Joe Easterwood.. occasionally I would visit Sapp's music store..but then I had the help of Leon Wilcutt from Jasper learning more about the guitar plus the fact I spent most of my nights playing and studying music rather than school..So with a year of studying I was ready to figure it out myself plus the fact that i could memorize any notes from sheet music and go back and play it at know playing with the records , figuring out triplets , riffs and runs ....Day Tripper..Wow..ha ! ...wildwood flower ..if i had a dollar for every time i played either song ..I' be rich... Leon Wilcutt was a dj and he knew Hoss Reid , who was known as a good guitarist and country singer..well locally anyway..I thought he was good..He thought I was one of the best guitar players he ever heard..And Corrinne Williamson gave me singing lessons for about 3 months ..she was very upset when I quit ..but I got a taste of what it took and I wanted that rock sound..not "halfway to paradise" ... In the early days, even when i was in school.. we practiced and played a lot..about 10-12 hours of practice each week The first band I had was comprised of James Wilkins & his brother Buddy..but they didn't have enough time because they had to work a lot..then James Arthur Maddox and Timothy Powell were in the 2nd group they were 2 good singers and players..we continued practicing after graduation..maybe a gig or 2 each week that was 4 to 6 hours long plus work a 40 hour shift.. James Maddox & I grew close as friends ..on a many a Sunday Gary Speer and Jimmy would come over and we would play and sing.. Then we split on artistic differences.. It was Mike Robinson, William Barker ,Mike Clayton the 3rd group.. We played Top 40 But mostly Rock and we accumulated 140 songs that we played on a rotating basis,,,Plus I wrote my own songs My creativity suffered because I sang 80 % of the songs and playing every week made us money but we suffered creatively..I was lead vocalist and lead guitarist ..sometimes after 1am on a Sunday morning ..I could only talk in a whisper. There were always two of us ..Brent Denson (My Bud since 4 yrs of age) was one damn good bass player ..Sometimes I drove everyone a little hard. ..and let us not forget our first manager Edward Jones ..who was a very good friend to us all ..Mike was the most dedicated drummer we had out of 4 different drummers..but in February of 1977 Mike was headed to Alaska to work..we played another 4 months with Brian Taylor as our drummer..but it wasn't the same..we then liquidated our assets and I joined the USAF in 1978..we had a 24 x 36 block building to practice in that was formerly a small grocery ..We called it Helicon Road .. while in the Air Force , My x-wife decided she no longer wanted to be in the family band..ha ! in 1981 ..I ended up having to get out early and raise my 2 kids by myself... Life happens ...and now after several years ..I'm Back....If the music flows in your blood , don't ever quit..." Enjoy it isn't always about the money $$ "

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